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Why I give…

Why I give…
By Rachel Balows

2007 birthright trip

I was a fan of Judaism Your Way long before I was on staff. It was somewhere between 2005 and 2010 while working as the Campus Director of the Hillel at the University of Denver when I heard of this growing movement in Denver. Working with college students who were in the midst of exploring their independence and identity within Judaism, I was intrigued. I remember meeting with Rabbi Brian Field and hearing about the work and was in awe. This was amazing! The philosophy behind the organization, the purpose, the passion, and the inclusiveness. As I continued through my time at Hillel, we partnered with Judaism Your Way and I often recommended students check them out as well. I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2011 and I am no longer working at Hillel – which also meant that I no longer had a built in Jewish community. My new husband and I started looking for our own Jewish community. It was not long before we landed back within the Judaism Your Way community – attending High Holidays every year. Introducing our daughter to family programs when she was an infant in 2014.

Now this brings us to 2021 when it was again time for me to make a career shift. I gave notice at my job while searching job sites, sharing my news on social media, interviewing, and going through the self-exploration of figuring out what I wanted from my next career adventure. Then it happened… a Judaism Your Way e-newsletter came into my inbox with a job announcement. Honestly, I resisted at first… not sure if I wanted to work within the non-profit, Jewish community again. Within days, I was getting messages from others saying that I should apply to the position. I did. And… I was BLOWN away AGAIN! The growth of the organization, the new leadership, the sustained purpose, passion, and inclusiveness was palpable. I was hooked again!

So. I give. I support. When an organization walks the walk and talks the talk, you support it! When an organization says that they are inclusive and then truly is working towards that – through the difficult conversations, the uncomfortable moments, and standing up where it’s needed, you support it!

I hope that you join me today and give! Give to Judaism Your Way if we have been a source of light for you and your loved ones. Give to the organizations that move you!

Rachel Balows
Communications & Engagement Coordinator