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Passover is an ancient, evolving, and wonderful Jewish way to celebrate the themes of freedom and liberation – within ourselves and in the wider community. Passover with Judaism Your Way is always filled with fun, warmth, and community! Each year we design programs that bring family and friends together to celebrate this festival of family and freedom.

Please note that we will not be hosting an in-person gathering for a Community Passover Seder this year. We are excited to host the following programs to celebrate Passover.

Passover Cooking

Passover is all about freedom and the retelling of the Passover story, and for many, it’s also all about the food! In this virtual cooking class, we’ll be making charoset from around the world and homemade macaroons.

Freedom Songs

Passover, the Jewish holiday of celebrating freedom from enslavement, begins at sundown on Monday, April 22.  It’s a tradition to recount the epic crossing of the Red Sea into freedom later during the week of Passover.

Virtual Seders

We are pleased to re-stream our past virtual Community and Family Seders. Enjoy these from the comfort of your own home to experience the community, song, and joy!

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