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Life Cycle Events

From life event planning to officiation and more, our team is here to honor and celebrate your family’s significant moments.

Our approach, guided by The Torah of Inclusion™, shapes our work. This means we’re here for it all – individualized baby naming ceremonies to welcome the youngest members of the Jewish community, unique Be Mitzvah experiences through our Open Tent Be Mitzvah program, weddings and commitment ceremonies that radiate love, compassionate support for funerals and bereavement services, and, if you’re on a path of converting to Judaism, we are here to help through your journey.

We can provide personalized guidance, spiritual counseling, couples coaching, and more. It would be an honor to partner with you as you navigate these meaningful and transformative moments.


Discover a warm, welcoming, and inclusive approach to a personalized wedding experience.

Baby Namings

Craft a baby naming ceremony that reflects your own values and goals – we are here to share in your joy!


We are here to support you when experiencing loss. Judaism offers wisdom and comfort to help you honor your loved one during a time of mourning and grief.

Open Tent Be Mitzvah

Explore a program that is distinctive, meaningful, and personally curated – where your student will discover their individual identity, and share their gifts, within a Jewish context.

Conversion to Judaism

Are you on a spiritual search and wondering if Judaism is for you? We would be thrilled to join you on this exploration!

Latest Thoughts

At Judaism Your Way, our community does it all – we gather, celebrate, learn, and support – so we always have lots to share! Explore our latest news, announcements, and all the things that bring us meaning and joy.

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Our Philosophy – The Torah of Inclusion

For the last 20 years, Judaism Your Way has been spreading love, joy, acceptance, empathy, and respect in the Jewish community and with our loved ones. Every day, we embrace new, creative ways of being and doing Jewish, redefining who belongs in Jewish spaces, what Judaism can feel like, and who it should serve. It became our mission to be as welcoming and expansive as possible, leading to the creation of The Torah of Inclusion™.

Get ready to dive into a whole new perspective on inclusive Judaism.

Meeting People Where They Are

Bringing About Full Inclusion

Build Community From “Me” To “We”

Inclusion Outside of Our Work

Ever Evolving And Changing

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