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Unlearning Jewish Anxiety

Do you ever wonder how life might be different if you felt less anxious?

Unlearning Jewish Anxiety offers a powerful way to understand yourself better, deepen your self-compassion, and learn simple tools to decrease anxiety.

Additional Details

In this 6-week class, you’ll learn about some common, inherited Jewish anxiety patterns. You’ll learn how to notice when you’re in an anxiety spiral and how to get out of it. You’ll also learn some simple, accessible spiritual tools to meet difficult moments with new and better habits. Unlearning Jewish Anxiety can help you practice curiosity and self-compassion each day to respond to whatever arises in your life.

The class cost options are outlined below (with a suggested price of $150 for the 6-week series). We will also be utilizing the Unwinding Anxiety App created by Dr. Jud Brewer. A 1-month subscription will be a requirement of attending the class. More instructions and a discount code will be provided once you register.

Event Details

  • Upcoming Dates:
    • October 9, 2023, - MDT
  • Location: Virtual
  • Cost: Please visit www.judaismunbound.com/fall-2023-courses/p/unlearning-jewish-anxiety for details

Please Note: Rabbi Caryn is facilitating this program through Judaism Unbound’s UnYeshiva program this fall. You can learn more and register at www.judaismunbound.com/fall-2023-courses/p/unlearning-jewish-anxiety.

Future dates for when this class will run internally through Judaism Your Way will be announced soon!