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For over 15 years, Judaism Your Way has been meeting Jews and loved ones with unconditional love, joy, acceptance, empathy, and respect. While key in providing people with an experience of a Judaism that cared about them, these qualities were not sufficient to build and sustain a Judaism of maximal inclusion. Judaism Your Way was… Read More from The Torah of Inclusion™


On the evening of May 25th, on the secular calendar, we begin the holiday of Shavuot. This holiday commemorates the giving and receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. A beautiful Shavuot tradition is to adorn homes and Jewish spaces with flowers. There are many explanations behind this tradition from commemorating that flowers miraculously grew… Read More from Shavuot

Gam V’Gam – Both-And

Hi everyone, I’m Rabbi Caryn Aviv at Judaism Your Way. Can you BELIEVE it’s almost August?  How did that happen?  We might be in the fullness of summer, and yet, here at Judaism Your Way, we’re deep into planning the High Holidays for late September.  Also, I just scheduled my daughter’s first visit to a… Read More from Gam V’Gam – Both-And