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On the evening of May 25th, on the secular calendar, we begin the holiday of Shavuot. This holiday commemorates the giving and receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. A beautiful Shavuot tradition is to adorn homes and Jewish spaces with flowers. There are many explanations behind this tradition from commemorating that flowers miraculously grew… Read More from Shavuot

rabbi caryn with religious leaders at capital

Religious Freedom Day

Religious Freedom Day RemarksRabbi Caryn AvivThursday, April 21 at the Colorado State Capital Good morning, thank you for being here, and thank you to the organizers of this event. This week, Jews and our loved ones are celebrating Passover around the world, where we retell the dramatic Exodus narrative from the Torah, also known as… Read More from Religious Freedom Day


Jewish Cooking… a nod to my ancestorsBy Amy Leszman “The stove is the shrine where I convene with my ancestors.” – Unknown At a doctor’s appointment I had this week, the doctor asked me a peculiar question: what are your hobbies? Although I was thrilled that my medical care team was invested in my whole… Read More from A Nod to my Ancestors

A Passover Niggun

A Passover NiggunBy Dan Yolles My name is Dan Yolles and I am one of the Be Mitzvah educators here at Judaism Your Way as well as a Rabbinical Student in the ALEPH Ordination Program. As we are approaching Passover, one of Judaism’s major holidays that recounts the Israelite’s Exodus from Egypt or in Hebrew,… Read More from A Passover Niggun