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Commonalities as the Focus

Lessons from a trip to Israel Rabbi Amanda Shwartz For Chanukah this year, I gave my mom a photo book commemorating our trip this summer to Israel. As I meticulously organized the photos in the album, I was transported back to our time there and to a very important lesson I was reminded of during… Read More from Commonalities as the Focus

For over 15 years, Judaism Your Way has been meeting Jews and loved ones with unconditional love, joy, acceptance, empathy, and respect. While key in providing people with an experience of a Judaism that cared about them, these qualities were not sufficient to build and sustain a Judaism of maximal inclusion. Judaism Your Way was… Read More from The Torah of Inclusion™

The idea of transitions and how we deal with them is found throughout religions and cultures. The following is an excerpt from a Book called “To Bless the Space Between Us.” It was written by John O’Donohue, an Irish Priest. He was a poet, philosopher and scholar, a native Gaelic speaker from County Clare, Ireland…. Read More from To Bless the Space Between Us

Love is in the air

Love Is In The AirBy Rabbi Amanda Schwartz “It’s summer and love is in the air!” It’s summer and love is in the air! One of my favorite responsibilities as a rabbi is getting to officiate weddings. It is such a sacred moment standing with a couple under a chuppah, a Jewish wedding canopy, as… Read More from Love is in the air

rabbi caryn with religious leaders at capital

Religious Freedom Day

Religious Freedom Day RemarksRabbi Caryn AvivThursday, April 21 at the Colorado State Capital Good morning, thank you for being here, and thank you to the organizers of this event. This week, Jews and our loved ones are celebrating Passover around the world, where we retell the dramatic Exodus narrative from the Torah, also known as… Read More from Religious Freedom Day

Rabbis Caryn and Amanda|amanda and caryn at high holidays|Rabbis Amanda and Caryn smiling|Rabbis Amanda and Caryn at High Holidays

THIS IS A REPOST FROM ejewishphilanthropy: OPED ProjectThe dangers of ‘default’ Jewish leadershipRabbi Amanda Schwartz The dangers of ‘default’ Jewish leadershipBy Rabbi Amanda Schwartz It’s been 50 years this year since the Reform movement began ordaining women as rabbis. Despite the fact that it’s been half a century, and in most liberal Jewish denominations there are… Read More from The dangers of ‘default’ Jewish leadership


Jewish Cooking… a nod to my ancestorsBy Amy Leszman “The stove is the shrine where I convene with my ancestors.” – Unknown At a doctor’s appointment I had this week, the doctor asked me a peculiar question: what are your hobbies? Although I was thrilled that my medical care team was invested in my whole… Read More from A Nod to my Ancestors

Find Yourself a Teacher

Find Yourself a TeacherBy Rabbi Amanda Schwartz On reflection of International Women’s Day, 2022 “Find yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend.”(Pirke Avot 1:6) The Mishnah, one of the most ancient sources of Jewish wisdom teaches to “Find yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend.” As someone who feels passionately about education and… Read More from Find Yourself a Teacher

Feeling Like a Kid Again

Feeling Like a Kid AgainBy Jeremy Anderson Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to zip down to Louisiana for 48 hours to celebrate my younger brother’s birthday. We’re just 2 years apart and shared a bedroom until I was 12 years old. People used to think we were twins – that’s how close we… Read More from Feeling Like a Kid Again